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In September 2020 it was announced that the Irish economy has contracted by more than 6%, recording two consecutive quarters of negative economic activity as a result of the impact of Covid -19. This means the country has officially entered into recession.

During the last recession the Irish State poured billions of euros into saving the banks with the burden of debt firmly placed on ordinary people. As a result of Government policies inequality grew, with the effect most notable felt through the cuts and under funding in education, health and housing. Over a decade on and the impact is still evident with many of the educational cuts still not fully restored, the health system and hospital overcrowding still in disarray and a housing and homeless crisis that continues to grow.

However, encouragingly, we have also seen a public willing to fight back and challenge the current system.

Everyday Resistance, is an artwork viewed as a small act of creative resistance by the artist. Due to Covid-19 restrictions many banks have now placed free boxes of pens in their premises to avoid the sharing of pens between staff and customers. The artist has designed pens with the question Will this be recession part 2 or do we fight back? printed on them. These custom designed pens have secretly been added to the boxes of pens in banks around Dublin city.

The text on the pen is the artists attempt to confronts the public with both a question and a challenge to fight back.